Motorcycle Safety


Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most free spirited things you do. However, not much is in between you and your motorcycle. If you are not a smart, safe rider, you can get very hurt. Below is some information and tips that you should follow before and during every time you ride your bike.

Pre-riding Tips:
- Maneuver you bike into a place where there is at least six feet of space all around so that you can properly perform your safety check.
- If your bike has a center stand, place it on the stand.
- If your bike has a windshield, make sure you wipe it free of dirt and check for cracks or any other type of defect.
- Check to make sure all lights work by turning the ignition on.
- Turn on both the high and low beam lights to make sure the headlights work. Also make sure the taillight works.
- Press the brake pedal to make sure the brakelight works. Also squeeze the break lever to make sure the break light comes on.
- Make sure both the front and rear turn signals are functioning properly.
- Check the horn.
- Check for foreign objects in your tires by running your hand along the sidewalls and the part of your tire that hits the road. If any foreign objects are found, do not ride your motorcycle until it is fixed. Making sure your tires are 100% functional is very important. Faulty tires will likely result in a serious crash.
- Make sure your tires are properly inflated.
- Examine your entire bike for any loose parts, i.e. bolts, antenna mounts, plastics and/or any other items that would affect your riding safety.
- Check your motorcycle engine's oil levels.
- If your bike has a chain, make sure that it has proper free play and it nicely greased.

Riding Tips:
- While riding your bike during the day, make sure your headlight is on and set to high beam. While riding at night, set your light to low beam.
- Always make sure the Kill switch is 'off' or your bike will fail to start. This is commonly overlooked.
- Make sure your gas shutoff petcock is always set to 'on'.
- Never neglect your own safety. Wear the proper attire that will help protect you while riding.


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