Buying A Used Motorcycle

If you are a new rider, the first bike you buy should be a used one. New motorcycle riders are more likely to take a few spills in the beginning. Training and practice should be done for no less than a year before you even consider buying a new bike. Damage incurred on new motorcycles as a result of minor spills can result in thousands of dollars in repairs.

Individuals in the market for a used motorcycle have several options for choosing a purchase source:

 - Buy from auction - Utilizing Internet auction sites like eBay Motors is becoming one of the most popular methods for buying a pre-owned bikes. The only problem with these types of purchases is the inability to thoroughly examine the motorcycle before you purchase it. That is unless the seller lives within traveling distance from you.

 - Buy from a classified ad - Check your local newspapers. You will definitely be able to find some good deals on used bikes in the classified sections. Or, there are many 'want ads' on the Internet. Sites like Craig's List will likely have many ads from people in your area looking to sell their used motorcycles. There also many motorcycle enthusiast sites that feature classifieds and other sections for people to buy and sell motorcycles.

 - Buy from a family member, friend or acquaintance - Let the people involved in your life that you are looking for a motorcycle. There is a good chance that someone will know someone looking to sell a bike.

A good idea would be to visit a local motorcycle club. Check out one of their meetings and mention that you are looking to buy a used bike. It is very likely that either one of the members, or someone they know will be able to sell you a bike.

 - Buy from a dealer - Visit your local motorcycle dealer. Inquire about trade-ins that are in good condition. Don't be discouraged if the dealer does not have what you are looking for. They will likely work with you to find the motorcycle you are looking for.

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